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Tankless Heater Installation

Having your unit installed properly the first time will save you massive problems later on.   Your contractor must first add up all gas appliances in your home and then call Atlanta gas to verify your total gas load on meter to see if  it’s large enough. If contractor didn’t discuss with you then STOP, this person is not qualified to even discuss tankless with you, let alone install one in your home.

Tankless Heater Service

Nick and Tony are tankless heaters specialists known in the tankless community to resolve some of the toughest problems working closely with product engineers. Most problems occur from improperly installed units and/or units not being properly serviced! We provide a full service package for residential (3 years) and for commercial (yearly).

Water Leaks Locate Service

We specialize in pin holes leak repairs and locating any/all leaks you may have in walls or ceilings.

Water line and Complete Water Re-piping

We use UPONOR PEX A piping, manufacturer provides 25 year warranty on piping.

Gas Piping

We can add new gas lines for a new cooktop, generator and/or tankless heater as well as completed home gas repiping. We work closely with Atlanta gas , authorized NGAD= Natural gas advantage dealer upgrading your gas meter if required.

Toilet Replacements

We have installed thousands of toilets and know which ones work and which do not. Also when we provide toilet, we also warranty the toilet.

Pin Hole Leak Problems

Contrary to popular belief, copper water piping does not last forever. Copper exhibits excellent resistance to corrosion but only lasts about 25 years.  Copper is vulnerable to pitting corrosion which can eventually lead to pinhole leaks. 

Pressure Problems & Banging Pipes

There are many manufacturers of pressure valves. Average life of PRV’s in Cobb county with street pressure at 125 PSI last between 8-10 years IF INSTALLED properly. Yes we have seen them upside down, sideways and sometimes without a strainer. Installing any other way but upright (Horizontal position with screw up) reduces life of pressure valve.

Apt/Multi-family Water Saving Projects

Call us today for a water assessment of your apartment or multi family complex. We have installed thousands of toilets through the Cobb Green City program saving money for owners.

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